Find out an interesting way to earn 196 coins of Ether by doing your own business!

Imagine a box on which it is written - “Your Business", and inside: Blockchain + team + constant cash flow + network business + cryptocurrency. And most importantly - in the box there is your personal earning opportunity. It is up to everyone and already really works!

1 Ethereum coin worth today = 125 dollars

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Our mission

All the money of the world - issued on credit. Using money - you pay interest on loans that you did not take! How? Inflation - the daily depreciation of money caused by the loan interest that we pay. The Federal Reserve System of the United States prints and conducts the electronic issue of money, after they are issued on credit at interest to different public financial institutions and the largest banks in the world. Then again on credit, from larger to smaller financial institutions around the world. Given that at each stage of the loan rate increases.


Smart contract - the best guarantee in our time

When conditions can not change. The smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain distributes every payment among five participants - equally. A business account earns a cryptocurrency on its Ethereum address. The broadcast will go to your wallet immediately - as soon as a new member joins, by your or a member of your structure, a referral link - he will buy a BestROI business account for 0.05 ETH. Ethereum is credited without additional actions, requests for withdrawal, verification, etc. The most interesting thing is that a smart contract is also

It's not a financial pyramid.

We do not pay interest on the deposit.

It's not trading.

No risks.

This is not an ICO.

There's no such way.

It's not HYIP.

You're going to get 100% of your earned Ether.

Our product

Our product is a business account in BestROI for earning 196 coins of the Ether.

Its cost
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1 Ethereum coin worth today = 125 dollars
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