Liquidity, profitability and reliability of investments. Three important factors. Today we talk about liquidity. You read one of three articles on investment indicators

At the beginning of the articles, I remind you that when analyzing each, you need to analyze both profitability and liquidity and reliability, and if any of these factors you do not notice, it is no longer an investment. Investment liquidity is … The ability to sell, turn into money, […]

How to buy Bitcoin

I will focus on how to buy Bitcoin for Fiat, but I will also show how to buy it for electronic money or other cryptocurrencies.  The first and probably the most common way in the world is …  Forum localbitcoins It has a simple registration. You indicate: country, city, cryptocurrency […]

The most profitable investment

Where to look for them and how do they look? There are several recurring differences in excess of profitable investments: a super idea, a new product, a new company, new personalities at the helm, a market is not formed, competitors or not or are very far away, with their arrival there are signs of a change in the industry or the creation of a new industry