FB created – Limbra, assembled non-frail TOP managers, and  team of programmers set off.

The entry is $ 10 million, for which each investor receives a cryptocurrency equivalent, is obliged to support the noduset and is entitled to one vote when voting on the decisions of the company. FB left one voice and one node in Libra. To date, 29 companies have joined the Zuckerberg initiative, including Visa, MasterCard, Vodafone, PayPal, EBAY and others.

I see how the guys may create a cryptocurrency, which will not be for speculation, investment or mining, but for solving urgent problems: with the inaccessibility of 1.7 billion people to the banking service; reduce the cost of remittances; lower commissions for foreign exchange transactions. And even visible – the fight against the influence of banks.

There is such a modern stablecoin, very well-known, with a convenient wallet, you can buy a lot of things for it, even without using exchange operations. Declare that they will provide 4 types of assets, namely: American dollars, EUR, JPY and GBP. The reserve fund will be geographically dispersed and will not be stored in one jurisdiction.

 – “Oh, horror!” Crypto-enthusiasts will say with one voice!

 – “They are trying to sell us centralized, corporation-controlled, dollar-secured electronic payment unit, which most crypto fans dislike, instead of today’s electronic dollars, which they print every day and many.”

The guys expect that the gray mass will not understand the details and they will take them “under the hood”. And they have very big chances … It does not seem like the Limbra Association and its members are going to make money by volatility or by raising the value of their coins. They do not strive to ensure that the rate of coins they bought at ICO would grow. It seems they want to bite off part of the banking market in the world. By 2020, it is planned to launch the main network of Limbra blockchain.

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  1. Ждем от TON похожую хрень, возможно более технологичную, а может Марк в этот раз обойдет Пашу)

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