I am sure that not every networker knows that the most popular social site in the world is Reddit; more than 45 M people read it daily. It will now be superfluous to speak of its usefulness for developing a network business and building a referral structure.

Reddit is almost completely English-speaking, there are very few Russian-speaking communities in it. In them you can publish content in Russian.

You can write about your network business in existing communities, or you can create your own or can not? You can under certain conditions. Register, read the rules, you can read them for a month. That is how much your account has to live in order for it to receive the right to create a community. 

But here’s another point, in reddit there is such a term as Karma, for about every plus (like, uplift) to your publication, you get +1 to Karma. To create a community, your Karma must be more than 100. Sometimes in the first month, publishing author’s articles and posts, even +10 to Karma is not gained and this is a problem.

  I am pleased to open you an effective way to increase Karma in Reddit

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