Coca-Cola started using blockchain

Coca-Cola plans to track supply chains (CONA) provides an IT platform for North American Coca-Cola bottlers using supply chain tracking and control. You can see this information in Business Insider.  The implementation of  blockchain was entrusted to the German SAP software manufacturer, which is a partner of CONA. It is […]

China releases DCEP state cryptocurrency

The Chinese authorities urge to develop blockchain! The State Bank prepare to launch its cryptocurrency DCEP. The head of the Bank of China research company said that this will be the first state blockchain and mistaken. The first was Venezuela, with its great president, cheap gasoline and the Petro cryptocurrency. […]

Binance launches DEX

Centralization of exchanges does not protect traders from scam. This is a problem that recently left all traders on New Zealand Cryptopia without money and a similar case is not an isolated one! Many teams work on creating a good DEX, some of which are already running, such as forkdelta, for example. But their quality is poor, very slow …