If you are developing your social networks or even a blog in order to inform those interested about earning opportunities, and you are building your referral structure, you just need to have an account on reddit.

Publications can be done both in thematic sub reddits and in your created sub reddit – a community of interests.

You can publish the same articles as on your blog or social networks, but it is better to do this by adding links to them in the publication.

Why Boost Karma in Reddit? 

A new account will not be able to create a community. An account must be older than a month and have karma of at least 100. With little Karma in some communities you will not be able to publish and the more your Karma, the more loyal your readers, but this is not a panacea for all diseases … But as always, they don’t like newcomers to the Internet and having created several publications, even in a month you’re unlikely to get 100 karma. And here’s how you get it in one day with a guarantee.

We are looking for communities on reddit according to: FreeKarma4U, Karma4KarmaVote4Vote, FreeKarma4You join them. We publish unique posts in these communities or put links to our original posts or videos on our social networks or blog. The post should contain an appeal to the community asking to increase your Karma, for example: Karma +, I need Karma 1000, Help me upvote Karma, Pls upvote me need Karma, Aiming for 900 Karma Please Help Out, I will Upvote Back!

It is better to put at least a dozen if you need the result today. Next, click through the publications of other participants and write in the comments below them the words Done, Upvoted, Yes, your turn, thanks, I too need more Karma, All DONE! Good day! Give me too, just do not write the same thing, always unique comments with meaning. People who have already raised your publications will also write to you – make the same gesture in response to them. It is also very good to write a personal message to the author with the same meaning after posting publications.

Communicate, join communities, write posts and comments, like. It is better to resort to such aggressive actions if your account is not a novice and has lived at least a month, if this has not happened yet, then …

To get started, you can create several accounts and download them in parallel.

No one is immune from a mistake for which reddit can punish by resetting karma. Read the reddit rules. But remember, the most important thing is to be real, that is, not like a robot: always unique posts and comments, do not rush in the beginning, start slowly, spread one post a day for the first month of the account’s life.

After surviving the first month, you can create a community and it is better for its creator to have karma of more than 1000. To do this, you already have posts in FreeKarma groups, now select new posts – use the filter,  click on the author, like all his posts and write to him comment under one of his posts.

How to Boost Karma in Reddit

How to Boost Karma in Reddit

Beginners who have posted the publication just on the site and will immediately like you in your posts and karma will begin to grow very quickly.

More than 45 million people and 45% from the United States visit reddit daily.

Here is an example of my reddit, you can see what results can be achieved, on the morning of September 28, 2019 I still had karma 1, now look at it now https://www.reddit.com/user/mnogobitka.

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