A chance for those who have the conditions for productive work at home. Copywriters, rewriters, programmers, testers, sellers, designers, traders … And this is not the whole list of specialists who often work at home.

Our requirement: sociability! Salary – piecework, up to $ 60,000, depending on fluctuations in the rate of Ethereum cryptocurrency. You earn from making, in parts and constantly, as soon as you complete a simple task.

What do we have to do? Sell ​​7 – 8 business accounts, each will give the buyer the tools to earn up to 196 coins of the Ether. Only an account owner can sell seven of the same for his ref link. With each transaction you get 0.01 ETH or $ 3 – depends on the value of the coins at the time of the exchange. The price of each is 0.05 ETH (about $ 12).

What makes our product valuable? It’s simple – it also gives you the opportunity to implement 7 account  business in its own line. And earn immediately, but this is only the beginning. Those people who buy from you will sell them further and you will receive 0.01 Ether from each sale. Only five levels. Detailed instructions in the company’s main office at BestROI.io.

Our MLM Blockchain Alliance is still young, but it is developing at a fast pace. One should not think about transparency and honesty – everything is crystal clear, all on the Ethereum blockchain. Take my ref https://bestroi.io/referal?a=0x478417DAE4E97a1843a8dBFa891D8656254B6A77 Write me in telegram chat, chat list on the site or channel https://t.BestROI_Official

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  1. BestROI it is the BEST!!! My ref link https://bestroi.io/referal?a=0xB8897dD4B65A992f13aeD796fef36aD3Cc103a50

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