Well – it happened ?! You can familiarize yourself with the technical documentation on test.ton.org and from it you can test blockchain, and in it a full node and  validator.

According to preliminary statements by Pavel Durov, the TON blockchain network and the GRAM cryptocurrency will not only solve a bunch of human problems, but also solve all global problems of cryptocurrencies. Durov brothers positioned it as fast, convenient, understandable, and most importantly with a complete lack of volatility.

Telegram has begun open testing of the TON network.TON and GRAM, what really happened?

It’s not clear yet. New stable coin or centralized, fast coin. A blockchain that resides on a dozen servers, like NEO or EOS. We are now seeing a test blockchain, technical data. This is not enough to draw conclusions. Blockchain shows all its abilities only when the network receives a real load.

It is very interesting how the issue of speed and scalability is resolved.

This problem was often voiced by Pavel Durov. It is on it that the Ethereum Foundation team of development teams works. If by centralization, then worked on a score of 2, it already was. If TON is decentralized as Ether or Bitcoin and fast as EOS or BNB, then this is the highest score, but let’s see.

But it’s already clear that there would be smart contracts in the Telegram Open Network. For general overview, documentation on the Fift programming language has already been provided.

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