Sebastian today will not roll the wool on the ear, lower the saying and tell a fairy tale! He will tell about how that Ether appeared, which we all know and what Ether was before birth today. The tale of how, in antiquity, the great blockchain empire of Ethereum was divided into two independent kingdoms-states.

July 30, 2015 The great, bright, young magician – Vitalik, his supreme Buterin, launched Ethereum into the broad masses of the blockchain-empire, after having fairly celebrated with the fairy – dozed off.

Anyone could absolutely free and anonymously become a subject, choose their social status: a merchant or a keeper, a miner from the Dwarf’s guild or become a demigod and launch his world inside the ether universe. All there – the rules of a smart contract created by Vitalik, who allowed to conduct any economic activity without regulators, controllers and other evil spirits. The empire grew, flourished and won the hearts of hamsters from all corners of the crypto universe.

Subjects liked the main law – the irreversibility of processes. And they created their own chests and rapidly conducted economic activities on the principle of freedom, equality, fraternity, decentralization and security of the network code. The guild of creators was replenished with demigods, with the help of which many fairy-tale decentralized worlds were created within the empire.

Residents also created a venture fund, which, by the principle of folding and direct democracy, funded new decentralized worlds and was named after DAO. And the absolute measure of value in this empire was a digital coin – Ethereum and the symbol it wore – ETH.

Time went by. Everything was better than great! Citizens became more! Chests were stuffed with coins. The absolute measure of Ethereum grew in price! Everyone is happy and contented. And nothing foreshadowed trouble! But Hacker-Gorynych many-headed learned about all this. And he wanted to steal the wealth of the Empire and destroy it! He was going to prove to everyone that the Code is not a panacea for all ills, that his many heads are stronger than Vitalik alone.

For a long time he tried to break the code, but all in vain! But on June 16, 2016, he still managed to deceive the contract of the aforementioned largest in the Empire venture fund DAO. And he poured into his trunk a third of  Ether fund (this is true and the amount was 50 million dollars). But the smart contract serving DAO was not easy. Before full possession and disposal of coins, Gorynych needed to wait a long and painful 28 days.

The panic began! The course of the measure flew down, tears flowed on the graphs, many have split personality: am I a hamster or not ?! The credibility of the code, the creator, the lackeys and the court magicians was undermined! – “We need to do something!”, Vitalik said, tapping the pink self-destruct button. Somehow to rectify the situation! And our good young fellow Vitalik got up at the crossroads near the stone on which it was written: you will not do anything – you will overtake collapse, you will return time ago without consulting with the Magi and great Dwarfs – you will be overtaken by collapse, if  start a war with Gorynych – you will lose

– Forkas! – shouted Vitalik in angry impotence. Fork – spinning in his head. Notify everyone and listen to the opinion, let everyone decide who he is and with whom. And a great idea came to him: “Can a vote take place?” Enlist the support of miners from the Dwarf Guild and the richest citizens? ”.

So did our Hero. Held a vote. Enlisted the support of most of the dwarfs and the richest in the ethereum universe. He received a go-ahead, took a sip of Ale, pulled a private key from the Empire out of his pocket, and rolled back in time and space to the block that was a second before the attack of Gorynych. I returned the coins stolen from the DAO and forever proved that one head of Vitalik is stronger than several hackers!

And they went from that place two chains. One new, clean, without the acts of Gorynych, whose name was left by Ethereum and the symbol ETH. And the old one, which sheltered all the knights of decentralization and open code who disagree with Vitalik’s decision to save DAO coins and destroy the evil hacker. The old chain received a new name – Ethereum Classic and the symbol ETC. So to this day they live in parallel, but each goes his own way.

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  1. Интересная история! Теперь уже ясно, что Эфир классик был сначала, а потом уже Эфир появился в результате разделения.

  2. Так вообще Эфир, что полностью централизованная монетка, раз Виталик откатить назад смог при создании Эфира?

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