If you want to earn a lot while investing very little, then buy YPI tokens for $ 100 and forget about them for a couple of years, you can buy on ypitoken.com.

Why am I so sure? What kind of project? Do people need it? Where does the price increase come from?

This token is the only thing on the blockchain in Your Price Booking project, but, incidentally, like the BAT token in the Brave browser.

An important element of every economy is currency. So, in a completely non-blockchain project – a platform that will allow you to book accommodation on travel several times cheaper, which is more beneficial for hoteliers and users, the internal currency is the YPI token.

But tourists would pay with hotels and apartments in classic fiat currency of course and also in Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ether.

How does the YPI token attract investors?

You can buy cheaper and sell more expensive and it will be beneficial for everyone.

In total there is 1M. The team has 300K left. 700K is put up for ICO in this order:

  • the first 100K at  price of 0.0001 ETH;
  • second 200K at  price of 0.0005 ETH;
  • the third 300K at price of 0.0025 ETH;
  • fourth 100K at  price of 0.01 ETH;

Smart contract 0x9e2AAA62d69E49F6767996C07c240A15495aCE91 and git hub https://github.com/Maestro12345678/YPI-token.

Aggressive deflation, too, over time there will be only 1 YPI with a price of at least 1,000,000 Dollars.

The ypbooking.com platform will be launched after the sale of the first 300K YPI tokens. Listing of each tourist site, hotel, apartment, villa, attic would cost the hotelier from 100 to 300 Euro per year. Yes, it’s so small compared to competitors who take from 10% to 20% from each transaction.

Hoteliers would pay through their euros through  exchange that will buy YPI tokens from a smart contract, and then from  exchange.

All YPI tokens received in the first year would be burned at 100%, the second year at 50%, the third at 20% and then Your Price Booking would burn 10% of  tokens received from hoteliers all their life.

Ypbooking would earn with any number of remaining tokens on its services, and investors would earn a lot of money on the deflation model of YPI tokens.

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