How to invite 7 people at BestROI

It's simple - you take your referral link and send it along with this text to all your friends and acquaintances using any instant messenger ( Messenger, Тelegram, Whats App, Viber, etc.) or via E-mail.

Add what you see fit, add your referral link in the bottom line after the words - “follow this referral link ______________________” and send this message to friends and acquaintances via messengers that are in your phone (for example Тelegram, Viber, Whats App, Messenger, WeChat, IMO, LINE, Discord and all others) after receiving a wave of questions - give everyone feedback and repeat the mailing again. Using messengers - do not spam on unfamiliar contacts, send to people with whom you communicate, some messengers can apply sanctions for spam, that is, write to friends that no complaints would come to you and everything will be all right.

started to participate - leave your referral link in the chat on the site, you can leave it in all rooms, answer the questions of newbies, help them figure it out and many of them will join just by your referral link.
(Instagram, FB, VK, Linkedin, twitter and many others are suitable for implementing this method of promotion) place the post on your page, send a letter inviting all friends, listen to questions - give answers to everyone and repeat the newsletter.
make a short video, make it as an instruction, show your results, leave your contacts under it. People will watch it, ask you questions - communicate with them, give feedback and new participants will join you. Add the same video to other networks with video content, for example: , and many others that are and still will appear.
copy the text of the invitation on the website or compose your own, add a referral link and send an E-mail to all your contacts, repeat this action in a few days.
There are so many thematic forums where people are interested in making money on the Internet and making money on crypto currencies. Below I will give examples of some of them. Sign up for them and a very target audience is waiting for you there. Open a new topic about BestROI, just write comments, many comments, there you can leave your referral link. There are a lot of forums and everyone has their own rules, do not break them and choose the right section for writing a post. Very thematic forum Here are some more:, - is the most popular forum in the world of crypto currencies. Also, of course, , give it special attention - there is a very large audience. Choose the correct sections on the forums, in our case, the HYIP section or the referral link will do, although we don’t have any interest on the money invested, but this section contains our target audience.
order advertising spam mailing letters invitations with your referral link! It is easy to find this service on the Internet and the prices are usually 30-50 dollars, but this is an approximate cost of sending to hundreds of thousands of addresses.
Choose a network business company, join them, you can even start working there and take their training, they often give us the information and skills you need. And of course give your new networker friends a way to make money with BestROI. Believe me, they will definitely figure out how to invite the first 7 people, which is what we need.

Develop your own effective version of inviting new participants, write to us about him in the telegram (use green chat) @MaestroROI and we will add it to this section with a link to the author, if you want.

No, so far only from the PC. When the application for Android is ready, we will inform you in telegram chats - the list of chats below on the main page of the site.
ETH can be bought or exchanged via cash, bankcard, exchange for all types of electronic money. There are so many ways that you get tired of reading. You can buy ETH using a bank card here: Here are the most popular and major portals:, - collected offers from people around the world., - directories of automatic exchange points.
electronic protocol written using computer code. Its purpose is to transfer information and to enforce the terms of the contract by both parties. Smart contracts provide an opportunity to safely exchange money, shares, property and other assets directly, without the participation of intermediaries. The smart contract is not stored on the server, it is on the Ethereum network - everyone can use its functions, but no one has access to change or stop it, even the developers. You can see the code and audit of our smart contract - on the main page of the site at the bottom of the smart contract button.
In this case, the participant will not join under you and under the first participant who is already under you.

Write your questions in the chat on the site, in our telegram chats? Frequently asked questions will be added to this section. Have a good ROI!